Institutional logistic support

The University of Kragujevac welcomes and supports foreign students, researchers and staff before and upon their arrival and assists their integration into academic, as well as social aspect of their stay. The University has organized its units and a range of services for incoming students, researchers and staff in accordance with EU mobility programmes.

For institutional international cooperation For individual mobility of researchers For individual mobility of students and academic staff
Faculty Erasmus+ coordinator Contact detailes
Faculty of Economics Dr. Nenad Stanisic E-mail:
Contact phone: +381 34 303504
Dr. Marko Slavkovic, Deputy coordinator E-mail:
Contact phone: +381 34 303507
Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Dr. Marija Mandaric E-mail:
Contact phone: +381 36 5150024
Faculty of Law Dr. Sonja Lucic E-mail:
Contact phone:+381 34 306560
Faculty of Philology and Arts Dr. Branka Milenkovic E-mail:
Contact phone: +381 34 300770
Faculty of Education Dr. Marija Stanojevic Veselinovic E-mail:
Contact phone: +381 35 223805
Faculty of Pedagogy Dr. Daliborka Puric E-mail:
Contact phone: +381 31 511078
Faculty of Agronomy Dr. Snezana Tanaskovic E-mail:
Contact phone: +381 32 303410
Faculty of Sciences Dr. Visnja Simic E-mail:
Contact phone: +381 34 336223
Faculty of Medical Sciences Dr. Nebojsa Zdravkovic E-mail:
Contact phone:+381 34 306800
local 101
Mr. Vladimir Vukadinovic E-mail:
Contact phone:+381 34 306800
local 124
Dr. Ana Volarevic E-mail:
Contact phone:+381 34 306800
local 131
Faculty of Engineering Dr. Ivan Macuzic E-mail:
Contact phone: +381 34 331772
Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering Dr. Goran Markovic E-mail:
Contact phone: +381 36 383269
Dr. Zlatan Soskic, Deputy coordinator E-mail:
Contact phone: +381 36 383269
Faculty of Technical Sciences Dr. Danijela Milosevic E-mail:
Contact phone: +381 32 302714